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Haware Centurian, Navi Mumbai
Haware Centurian, Navi Mumbai


DMC Ship Management Pvt. Ltd. is Crew Manning Agency having large Crewing Network across the globe serving the Industries and we are involved in Crew Management, Ship Management, Ship Candling and Seafarer’s Documentation.
DMC Ship Management is proud of our growing reputation as a provider of quality Consultancy and Crew Management services for all those aspiring students who are willing to develop their career with in Marine Industry [Merchant Navy – Nationally and internationally]. Our concentration is on coaching our students both practically and scientifically, so that they can utilize their understanding to face future confidently.

Safety :

Safety is our prime focus always and our first priority is to ensure all operations are conducted in a safe and secure manner without any injuries, loss of life, and damage to property or the environment.

Human Resources :

To be valued both by the clients and employed staff.

Service Coverage :

To provide excellent value added services globally for all our customer’s needs.

Customer Satisfaction :

To meet and exceed the expectations of our customers. Teamwork is our strength, and Quality Our Tradition. Our success is directly derived from the continued success of our Clients. We are dedicated to always delivering on our promise to be the results driven partner that our Clients expect.

Financial :

To continuously improve our results in a sustainable manner.

Quality Assurance :

The Company operates to the highest quality standards by providing a professional ship management service in a cost-effective manner, in order to meet the agreed requirements of its customers as well as fulfill its responsibilities towards its employees, the environment and the public at large.

Additionally, our management will strive for quality excellence through :

  • Meeting customer expectations as defined in charter-parties and management agreements
  • Investing in long-term customer relations based on trust and mutual concern over society’s welfare and development
  • Ensuring the timely and in-depth processing and resolving of any customer complaints.
  • Coordinating the identification of representative clients and their valued opinion.
  • Developing and implementing documented and controlled processes.
  • Improving continuously its Management System and operational responsiveness.
  • Establishing and pursuing reasonable and measurable objectives and performance targets.
  • Developing employee quality orientation through effective training